Study the storage of radioactive chemicals under a deep geological layer for long term safety.

  • Coupling of advective/diffusive transport in near and far field in the same model run
  • Implementation of decay chains; solubility constraints, anionic exclusion
  • Transport in fractured system coupled with DFN models representation and matrix diffusion process
  • Efficient numerical solution
  • Monte Carlo uncertainty implementation
  • Coupling several physical phenomena
  • Innovative conceptual model under top-down approach

Environmental modeling with complex interactions

  • Environmental models with interactions between soil / water / air
  • Consider the dynamic interactions of the components
  • Includes uncertainty
  • Simulation of phenomena with uncertain future behavior (i:e: forecast of rainfall, future inflation rate ; etc·).

Coupling of physical and economical effects

  • Development of Environmental models coupled with financial models
  • Forecast range of possible future scenarios with environmental and financial models
  • Elaboration of decision support models for better environmental strategy definition




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