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We are experts in developing computer models that simulate the performance of complex systems.

We can help you quantify questions like:

  • You need to forecast the behavior of a system ?
  • Determine the best way to improve its performance ?
  • You want to study your risks to be able to better control its environmental, human and financial impacts ?
  • You need to find out what chain of actions caused a certain failure?
  • You need to quantify how sustainability can bring your company more value?

We develop a state-of-art tool that can be check by an expert and at the same time be a communication/management tool for a broader audience.

We will quantify each scenario you can imagine and take into account the uncertainty under the actual physical conditions and the forecast of the future.

We have state-of-art tools and experience to propose creative solutions in:

  • Management of water bodies (resources /uses / controls)
  • System for helping taking decisions under complex forces
  • Reliability studies
  • Risk analysis
  • Sustainable development with interaction between human /environment /economy

Why make a simulation?

Simulation allows quantifying alternatives solutions/projects, to play “what if?” questions like: “What if the future looks like this …what impact I would experience?”

This is how we provide a way in which alternative designs, plans or policies can be evaluated without having to experiment on a real system. This can be costly or impractical to do to.

Simulation can be used as a management tool, in fact it can be used to:

  • integrate new components to a system,
  • study alternative commercial or management strategies,
  • evaluate the impact of future conditions in the business plan,
  • evaluate how the uncertainty of the forecast (i.e. sales, money cost, production, etc.) can impact my business.

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