Equinocio is a consultancy providing numerical simulation services to support a better understanding of dynamic systems in environmental science, management and business.

Alvaro B.Buoro is the founder of the company. He created Equinocio three years ago to explore new ways of proposing solutions to complex problems.

Background in geosciences with a Ph.D. in quantifying uncertainty and data analysis.

More than 15 years of experience in environmental modeling and an increasing interest to bring science to practical matters within a sustainable view of the world.

List of Publications

Peer reviewed journals:

Buoro, A.B.; Delay, F. ; Marsily, de G. – 2001 – ”Empirical orthogonal functions analysis applied to the inverse problem in hydrogeology , evaluation of uncertainty and simulation of new solutions ” Mathematical Geology vol 32 no8

Buoro, A.B. – 1999 – ”Regards sur 40 ans de problèmes inverses en hydrogéologie” – C.R.Acad. Sci. Paris, Sciences de la terre et des planètes/ Earth and Planetary Sciences , vol. 329 (2)

Buoro, A.B.; Silva , J.B.C. - 1994 - “Ambiguity analysis of well- log data” Geophysics, vol. 59 (3), pg. 336-344.

Costa, J.M.; Sophia, C.M.; Buoro, A.B.; Assumpção, M. - 1988 - “Estimativa dos limites de detectabilidade sismográficas no Brasil”. Revista Brasileira de Geofísica, vol. 6 (2), pg. 43-48.

Conferences, Congress presentations

Buoro, A., Korkalainen, M., Hautakangas, H., Dahlbo, K. & Takala, J. (2008). ”Integrating uncertainties in remediation planning with perspectives in sustainability”. NORDROCS 2008, The 2nd Joint Nordic Meeting on Remediation of Contaminated Sites, Helsinki, Finland, September 24-25, 2008. [ Poster presentation. ]

Buoro, A. –Costa, A. –Dahlbo, K. – Tanzil, D. – “Decision tools using sustainability indicators with simulation “, PEER Environmental Technology Seminar, Oct- 11-12, 2006[ Poster presentation. ]

Dahlbo, K., Buoro, A. & Tuomi, P. (2006). "Polttonesteiden ainesosien kulkeutuminen pohjavedessä". SOILI-seminaari, Helsinki 9-10.5.2006. 16 p. [Groundwater transport of petroleum and oil constituents; seminar presentation, in Finnish. ] {PPT handouts, 2 per page; i.e. a total of 31 PPT slides...}

A. D McGoey-Smith, B. J Griffin, S. M. Swanson, A. Buoro and R. C Moraes – “ Risk and Uncertainty Analysis of Contamination of the Food Supply due to Sudden Release of Radionuclides from a Nuclear Facility ”– International Conference on: monitoring, assessments and uncertainties for nuclear and radiological emergency response, Rio de Janeiro 21 – 25 November 2005

Buoro, A.B. - “ An optimization technique to calibrate the biodegradation rate in first order decay chains”- Goldsim 3rd annual conference, Las Vegas - USA 11-12 October 2004

Buoro, A.B.- “ A Goldsim model for safety assessment of Radwaste storage in Clay repository “, Goldsim 1st annual conference, Seattle - USA 11-12 October 2002

Buoro, A.B. ; Delay, F. ; Marsily, G. de ; Amaral, G. – 1998 – “Assessment of large uncertainty areas for an ensemble of inverse problem solutions by means of EOF analysis”. Fourth yearly conference of the International Association for the Mathematical Geology, Ischia, Italy, October 5-9

Souza, M.P.;Breneli, V.T;Filho, E.F.; Buoro, A.B.; Pascal, A.; Lourenço, W.J.; Gigliotti , A.V.;Treijeiro, D.G. - “O projeto piloto de conversão de dados da Telebrás”. III Brazilian Geoprocessement meeting”- CNPQ (National Center of Scientific Research–Brazil), São Paulo, Brazil, 12-14 July 1995

Buoro, A.B.; Silva, J.B. - “Inversão em geofísica de poço: Um estudo sobre ambigüidade”. IV International Congress of the Brazilian Society of Geophysics, Salvador, BA., 23-27 November 1991

Buoro, A.B.; Mantovani, M.S.; Shukowsky, W.; Basei, M. - “Identificação das principais descontinuidades crustais do Paraná e Santa Catarina”. II International meeting of the Brazilian Society of Geophysics. Salvador, BA.
25-27 November 1987.

The name Equinocio comes from the Latin aequinoctium and means equal night, referring to the two days of the year when day and night have the same length. For us this is a reflex of our view in the modelling exercise: we bring ‘light’ in a place but there will always be another part in the dark. It is a fair trade look for a ‘equinocio’ place in modelling by remembering that another part will stay in the dark (not described in the conceptual model).




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